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OxNet Scholars & Exhibitioners

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Following a review of their contributions during the seminar series, in addition to the quality of their written work for the Easter Essay Competition, the following pupils have been awarded the title of Exhibitioner.

This title is awarded within many colleges at the University of Oxford and is traditionally used to recognise academic excellence within undergraduate communities. OxNet chooses to replicate this practice in order to acknowledge pupil progress. 

For those Exhibitioners who continue to excel, they may be awarded the title of Scholar during the Summer school. 

Additional Exhibitioner awards will also become available during the summer school, for those pupils who particularly excel.

To view their essays (excluding Science), simply click on the profile images below.

pembroke dining hall - Credit Christopher Chavez.jpg

Exhibitioners (May 2022)

Languages Programme


Lucy Mortell


Pavel Shaulko

English Programme

Blank person.png

Stella Redfern

Oxnet Photo.jpg

Annika Nandi

Philosophy & World Religions Programme


Maya Greenslade

OxNet Picture.jpg

Eleanor Catterall

Humanities & Social Sciences Programme

Poppy Elizabeth.jpg

Poppy Dykes


Alba Gibbs Joffe

Science Programme

Georgina Brown.jpeg

Georgina Brown

Helena Todd.jpeg

Helena Todd

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