"Ĉiu kreas sian forton, ĉiu forĝas sian sorton"

-L. L. Zamenhof

The Languages course is run by Pembroke College, University of Oxford, in close collaboration with the Department of Languages and Cultures at Lancaster University. It is aimed at pupils studying French, German and Spanish A Level, and is a very broad course, covering questions of history, literature, language, philosophy and gender studies. In essence, it mimics a university-style programme of the study of Languages.

The seminar series for this course is themed around the question, "What Does it Mean to be European?" This seminar programme focuses chiefly on the history and politics of countries speaking French, German and Spanish, followed by an exploration of literature in the target languages that pupils are studying. Students examine the following key ideas, questions and figures in the Languages seminars:

  • European Intellectual Identity

  • What Does it Mean to Know about Europe's Colonial Past?

  • The Borders of "Being European", the "European Way of Life" Controversy and the Migrant Crisis

  • Unity and Disunity of the European Union

  • Popular Press and Popular Literature in France and 19th Century Europe and Today

  • Tolerance and the European Enlightenment

Pupils on all six Year 12 strands participate in Access Week at the end of the intensive course, allowing for space and time to be dedicated to more specific areas of study led by our team of tutors.