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OxNet Science 2023

“OxNet was such an academically fulfilling programme and taught me some key scientific skills. I loved the exposure to so many different areas of science and Access Week really helped to bring the programme together in such a fun and challenging way. All the advice and support along the way really helped me to understand the admissions process and I definitely believe it helped me to be successful in the application process. OxNet is single-handedly the most valuable academic pursuit I participated in.”

OxNet Humanities & Social Sciences 2023

"OxNet was a brilliant experience for me. Every part of the course helped me develop my interests and skills in new ways, whether that be note-taking and critical thinking in the seminars, essay-writing and researching for the Easter essay competition, or defending arguments and debating concepts in the tutorials during access week. All these have also gone on to help me with coursework and exams in my normal A-levels as well. It is thanks to the encouragement of OxNet and the people who make the course so engaging that I can now look forward to studying History and Politics at Oxford later this year. In short, OxNet is not an opportunity to be missed!"

OxNet Languages 2023

“OxNet introduced me to incredible students, lecturers, academics, award-winning authors and many more people who not only had such interesting points of view on the world but who were also thoroughly invested in helping me reach my full potential. Applying for Oxford is a different ball game, and OxNet was essential in getting me match-fit!”

OxNet English 2023

"OxNet was incredibly useful in providing a genuine insight into the University experience, and especially at Oxford. The perfect blend of academic and social, OxNet provided me with the help and confidence I needed to make a strong application to Oxford University. The academic sessions were by far the best in emulating the actual tutorial environment, as being in the English sector I was able to make my own question, delve into my own research and get amazing feedback from an Oxford tutor, which helped me critically think about literature; a skill that was definitely useful for my interview. But besides academic, on OxNet I have made lifelong connections and friends that I plan to continue being friends with in our journey as future Oxford students. Regardless as whether you want to apply o Oxford or not, OxNet was an amazing and fulfilling residential that has helped me progress as a person."

OxNet Philosophy & World Religions 2023

“During Year 12, I faced a lot of uncertainty about higher education. As a first-generation student in an immigrant family, the whole process felt like uncharted territory. Amidst the many programmes and university schemes I attended, OxNet was a beacon of genuine support and guidance. Unlike other initiatives, OxNet wasn't just a checkbox on my application list; it became the cornerstone of my preparation for undergraduate studies. The skills cultivated throughout the programme weren't just academic, they were fundamental life skills that propelled me into the world of higher education with confidence. Through OxNet I was able to break down preconceived notions and stigmas associated with studying at a prestigious institution like Oxford. It wasn't just about academic rigour; it was about debunking myths and providing real resources that empowered me to envision myself thriving in such an environment. In essence, OxNet was a personalised journey that equipped me with the tools, knowledge, and confidence needed for a successful university application.”

OxNet Philosophy & World Religions 2023

"Having received an offer to study History at Pembroke College, I can safely say the OxNet experience through year 12 changed my perspective on applying to university in two significant ways. Firstly it broke down the application process to Oxford and, with the Access Week at Pembroke College, really allowed me to experience life as an undergraduate student, an experience that not only made me feel comfortable in the college environment but also gave me skills that will undoubtedly come in handy upon moving down to the university in October such as living in student accomodation, attending tutorials and embracing the culture of a new setting. Secondly, it changed my whole perspective on academics; the academic nature of the program really focuses on critical reading and essay writing, meanwhile working with world-leading academics in the subject you're interested in. Overall, the OxNet program made me, a state-school student, feel like applying and getting into Oxford was totally achievable, something I hadn't thought possible previously."

OxNet English 2023

"I thoroughly enjoyed OxNet. Taking part in the English programme confirmed my decision to apply for English at university. Richard's advice and teaching was extremely insightful and I have benefited both academically and personally from taking part.

The Seminar Series was a particular highlight as taking part in discussions has massively increased my self confidence.

I would encourage anyone to apply to OxNet; it was an invaluable experience!"

OxNet English 2023

“Until doing OxNet I had never seriously considered applying for Oxbridge, but the programme did so much to demystify the application process, as well as giving me the confidence in my own ability to apply! Access week was an incredible experience, getting to experience student life at such a fantastic institution for a week, as well as making new friends and developing myself not only as a student, but as a person. The chance to work with so many academics doing something I love is something I will never forget, as well as the genuine kindness and interest they took in seeing me succeed, even after access week was over."

OxNet Languages 2023

"I thoroughly enjoyed the challenging yet rewarding experience of taking part in the OxNet Languages programme. The language focused programme introduced me to parts of language study that I had never considered and led me to adopt a more open minded and thought provoking mindset when dealing with literary analysis in multiple languages. After completing the programme I felt much more secure with my university applications and the skills I gained during the programme have been applicable in all aspects of my academic study. I would never have pushed myself to apply for more competitive universities, never mind Oxford, without the programme and the help, experience and skills it gave me."

OxNet Science 2023

"OxNet was both a challenging and rewarding experience. I had the opportunity to learn at a level that I never had done before, and while it was difficult at times, I always had the support of the co-ordinators and my lab group who I got to know more throughout the year. I most enjoyed the Access Week as I was able to experience what it would be like to study at Oxford and actually envision myself there, and being able to speak to current students further encouraged me to apply. Overall, it was an amazing experience in which I was able to make new friends and step inside the 'bubble' that I saw Oxford as. I believe I developed skills that I will be able to apply to my studies after college, and I would recommend it to anyone considering applying to Oxford!"

OxNet Science 2023

"OxNet is an amazing opportunity for anyone who is looking to really push themselves academically, far beyond the A level syllabuses. The science program not only introduced me to potential life as a university student, but also showed me the tools and skills used by researchers and scientists alike throughout their careers. The course as a whole is a brilliant opportunity to make new friends, meet academics, and create support groups to aid you through university applications. Most of all, OxNet is a great experience for individuals to learn more about something they are passionate about, and of course, have fun."

OxNet Science 2023

"I am very thankful that I was able to be a part of the OxNet Science Programme- where I was able to develop my skills and share my interest in science. Sharing my ideas and having them challenged was a new concept to me- through school that never happens. However, being able to collaboratively discuss new interesting concepts through interactive tutorials and seminars- I was able to learn new topics in much more depth! Throughout Access Week, I was able to spend time with like-minded peers and academics who really inspired my academic passion and determination. I was able to experience University life at Oxford first-hand and everyone was extremely helpful and kind. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity."

OxNet English 2023

"My time at OxNet’s Access Week was one of the most transformational expiriences of my life. Not only did my time there allow me to explore one of the Oxford colleges and the surrounding city, but it also allowed me to experience a true reflection of a week in the life of an Oxford student. My experiences there- from the museum visits to the tutorials gave- me a trial run of what university life would be like. Access Week also made me fear the transition between sixth form and university less because it allowed me to learn what life may look like. My time there was also extremely enriching, pushing me academically as it allowed me to explore my chosen subject (English literature) in a far deeper, more independent way than I had in the past. I believe my time at Access Week truly transformed me (In a greatly positive way) as a student! I sincerely thank the OxNet community for all the support you have given me!"

OxNet Languages 2023

"Attending OxNet was an incredible experience which I am so glad I took part in. I learnt so much about academic study and university life and each seminar, lecture and tutorial was fascinating. I particularly enjoyed analysing and discussing texts related to my subject in the tutorial with the tutor and other students. Writing undergraduate-style essays and attending lectures also gave me a taste of life at Oxford, and exploring the college during Access Week inspired me to apply to Pembroke. As well as this, learning about the Oxford application process from the tutors themselves helped to demystify it and gave me the confidence to apply."

OxNet Humanities & Social Sciences 2023

"There were two key moments during the OxNet programme when I realised that reading a degree at Oxford was for me. More precisely, I realised just how much I wanted what Oxford offered: from the community of like-minded people (who, really, are only like-minded in the sense that they have so much energy for their subject), to the intensive research and academic focus of the university.

The first moment was at the very start of the programme during the study skills day at Pembroke. We all sat in the Pichette Auditorium listening to Dr Claus speak of “epistemology” and whatnot - until he asked, “Why hasn’t anyone asked me what epistemology is yet?”. From that point, hands skyrocketed across the room: asking and answering questions that students were prior afraid to ask and answer. The OxNet programme has made me brave with my question-asking, and I truly believe that, in Oxford, no question is ‘too silly,’ or that one should be fearful of being ‘under-read’. Indeed, the OxNet programme has convinced me that naivety to knowledge underpins academia, and a scholar should never fear ignorance. Rather, they cast their ego aside in the pursuit of truth.

The second moment occurred in the climax of OxNet’s summer school. Throughout the week, I and others gravitated, forming a diverse group of pupils with each their own unique identity and aspirations. I felt awe listening to how invested into their own subjects they were: discussing history, politics, music, biology, and neuroscience at the breakfast table. Yet, during the summer school’s formal dinner, Dr Claus’s speech hit me with a sense of responsibility for my community that I had never experienced before: “No man is an Island”. Listening, I instead saw academia as the culmination of the collective efforts from our ancestors and colleagues and wept with enlightenment. It is posterity’s responsibility and indulgence to advance these efforts.

I should also say that it goes for granted that OxNet is demanding. It was the first time I had ever read ‘early’ texts – which at first took me 30 minutes per page to comprehend. But what I came to understand throughout the programme was that Oxford University never fails to match the effort that student’s put in. Not understanding content does not matter. Being curious and inquisitive does."

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