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OxNet Programmes

OxNet runs several academically-intensive programmes for Year 12 pupils in West London, the North West & North East of England.


Each programme lasts 9-months (January-September 2024).

Pembroke College (University of Oxford) fully funds all OxNet places, meaning it's free for every pupil to take part.

Our programme aims to:

•Challenge pupils to think beyond the curriculum, in a critical, flexible and independent manner

•Raise academic resilience, confidence & curiosity

•Develop pupils skills in time management & multitasking

•Prepare pupils for the realities of Undergraduate-level study at a research-intensive institution

•Showcase the variety of subjects on offer at degree-level & the importance of interdisciplinary learning

•Demystify the Tutorial method, preconceptions of College life & Oxbridge in general


For more information on each programme, please click 'view programme' below.

If you are applying to Heritage 360 (only open to pupils from the North East of England), please contact Mrs Claire Porter for more information:


Humanities and Social Sciences

Chalkboard with Different Languages


Philosophy and World Religions

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