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What to expect

The OxNet Timeline

Here at OxNet, we boast an inclusive, diverse and dedicated community of academics, undergraduates, postgraduates, teachers, college staff and volunteers who work collaboratively throughout the year, in order to make our programmes possible.


Their generosity of time & expertise enable us to annually deliver an initiative which encompasses multiple events:

Key facts & figures

You will have the opportunity to write multiple essays (and receive feedback), in addition to taking part in study skills sessions.

92.4% said that OxNet increased their understanding of how to manage an academic workload, and 98.7% said that the overall OxNet year has made them feel more prepared for studying at university

Take part in a mock Oxford interview and be given guidance on the Oxford admissions process


97.4% said that the pursuit of Higher Education now feels more accessible and 98.7% said that they feel more knowledgeable about the University of Oxford than before they started the programme

Take part in tutorials, participate in lectures and attend a 6-week seminar series with academics


96.2% said that they now feel more prepared for studying at Undergraduate level and 98.7% said that OxNet helped to demystify tutorials, which are a key method of teaching within Oxbridge

Make new friends and get to live in Pembroke College for a week


84.6% said that OxNet has improved their sense of belonging within the University of Oxford and 97.4% said that they made new friends during the OxNet year

Spend time with OxNet alumna (who are now Oxford students), go on trips & tours, study independently and within a group, finetune your academic skills and try new things!


79.5% said that they are more likely to make an application to the University of Oxford than before they started OxNet and 98% would recommend the OxNet programme to others.

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