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Old Books

The Humanities and Social Sciences course is OxNet's longest-running course, beginning in Hackney just over ten years ago and directed by academics at Pembroke College, University of Oxford.


The programme encompasses sociological, anthropological and classical themes and is rigorously interdisciplinary in its approach. History, literature, economics, philosophy, politics, and other disciplines are all drawn upon in order to create an undergraduate-style, holistic academic experience.

The seminar series for this course is themed around Thinkers and Cultures. Students examine the following key ideas and figures:

  • Reason, Religion and Toleration

  • Slave Narratives and the Literature of Abolition

  • The Dawn of Modern Philosophy

  • Scarcity, Choice and Fairness

  • Evolutionary and Revolutionary Change

  • Knowledge, Narrative and Time

"Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers"
-François-Marie Arouet (also known as Voltaire)

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