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About us

Founded in 1624, Pembroke College (University of Oxford) adheres to the fundamental belief that all those with the necessary academic talent should have the opportunity to benefit from the unique mixture of tradition and innovation to be found at Oxford, and that a richly diverse community benefits and inspires all members. To achieve this academic vision, we encourage pupils from a diverse range of backgrounds to apply to the UK's top universities through our College’s Access & Outreach work which is collaboratively delivered by a team of academics, students and staff.

Pembrokes' Access Initiative: OxNet

Founded in 2008 by Oxfords first appointed Access Fellow, Dr Peter Claus, OxNet is the College’s ground-breaking educational Access initiative which is led by Pembroke College and collaboratively delivered between other participating colleges at the University of Oxford, other Higher Education institutions such as Queen Mary University of London and Durham University, in addition to a national network of Hub & Link schools across our target regions of West London, the North West and North East of England. These Hubs work with Link schools in their respective areas of the UK. Each Hub employs a part-time or full-time OxNet Coordinator, who is responsible for overseeing OxNet activities in their region. This direct relationship enables OxNet to sit at the heart of local communities, championing local interests and needs. OxNet runs six academically-intensive programmes for Year 12 pupils in West London, the North West & North East of England. For more information, please visit the OxNet page.

Pembrokes' Outreach Initiative: Pembroke Scholars

Launched in 2024, Pembroke Scholars is an Outreach programme which works in collaboration with CredOx to identify pupils in our target regions who do not require the same level of academic intervention as OxNet, however would nonetheless benefit from a bespoke academic programme. For more information, please visit the Pembroke Scholars page.

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