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About us

OxNet was founded in 2008 at Pembroke College (which is one of the Colleges that make up the University of Oxford).

Pembroke College was founded 400 years ago in 1624 and we believe that all those with the necessary academic talent should have the opportunity to benefit from the unique mixture of tradition and innovation to be found at Oxford. Fundamentally, we believe that a richly diverse community benefits and inspires all members


To achieve this academic vision, we encourage pupils from a diverse range of backgrounds to apply to the UK's top universities through our College’s Access & Outreach work (which includes the OxNet programme) which is collaboratively delivered by a team of academics, students and staff.


Whilst OxNet is led by Pembroke College, it is collaboratively delivered between participating colleges at the University of Oxford, other Higher Education institutions such as Queen Mary University of London and Durham University, in addition to a national network of Hub schools across our target regions of West London, the North West and North East of England.

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