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dr peter claus

access fellow

At Pembroke College, Oxford, Dr Claus is chiefly responsible as Access Fellow for a professional network of universities, schools and third-sector organisations that encourage pupils from challenging socio-economic circumstances to enter Oxford and other competitive universities. 

As a former mature student, Dr Claus has a particular interest in pioneering teaching strategies that enthuse students from non-traditional backgrounds, international students or students from cultural or ethnic minorities. He has taught courses at every level, from school students to postgraduate.

Felix slade

oxnet administrator

Felix is the liaison between Coordinators, Pembroke College and the University of Oxford. He oversees the organisation and planning of all OxNet programmes, as well as acting as a first point of contact for academics and administrative staff involved in the delivery of OxNet courses.


Felix attended a large state school in Nottingham before studying French with Italian and European Studies at the University of Bath. He then completed a PGCE at the University of Oxford and taught in the state sector for five years, two of which were spent as Head of Department. He also has an MA in Translation from the University of Surrey and works as a literary translator in his spare time.

OxNet has five Hub schools across London, the North-West, and the North-East of England.

OxNet Coordinators are based at each Hub school.

tameside - Ashton sixth form college

rebecca crossfield, oxnet coordinator

Rebecca is the OxNet Coordinator responsible for the Goldsmiths' Sutherland Centre for Philosophy and World Religions, based at Ashton Sixth Form College, Tameside.  


At Ashton Sixth Form College, Rebecca manages the Realising Aspirations programmes, which are modelled on the OxNet system of sustained academic engagement. They offer a series of lectures, seminars and workshops led by visiting academics, information and guidance events and university visits across 17 wide-ranging programme strands.

Rebecca attended the University of Glasgow, graduating in English Literature in 2016. She also has a Masters degree in English from the University of Leeds.

cheshire - cheshire college south and west, crewe campus

fiona burgess, oxnet coordinator

Fiona is responsible for Coordinating OxNet activities across Cheshire and Warrington. This involves recruiting pupils to three programmes: Pembroke North Humanities; The Goldsmiths' Sutherland Centre for Philosophy and World Religions; and The North West Science Network.


Fiona is an alumna of the Manchester Metropolitan University, graduating in Human Geography and Outdoor Education Studies in 2012. She also has a Master of Research degree in Social Science from the Manchester Metropolitan University.

sunderland - southmoor academy

claire ungley, oxnet coordinator

Claire is the co-ordinator for the OxNet North East hub based in Sunderland, as well as being the Raising Aspirations Co-ordinator for Southmoor Academy.


Whilst studying History at Durham University, Claire became particularly interested in educational disadvantage and social mobility through her role as a Durham Student Ambassador. She has since completed a Masters in Education, specialising in coastal isolation and access to HE, and is also a qualified History Teacher.


TOM Ward, oxnet coordinator

Tom is the OxNet Coordinator for Languages in the North West. This involves recruiting pupils to the newly launched OxNet Languages programme. It is run from the OxNet North West Centre for Languages and Cultures. The North West Centre for Languages and Cultures (NWCLC) seeks to boost state school participation in languages degrees at university and is based at Priestley College in Warrington.


Tom is a Pembroke alumnus, graduating in History and Politics in 2018. He also has a Master's degree in History from the University of York.

west london - westminster academy

Esin Akdogan, oxnet coordinator

Esin is responsible for coordinating OxNet activities across the London boroughs of Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea, and the City of Westminster.
This involves recruiting pupils to three programmes: OxNet Humanities, OxNet STEM, and OxNet Languages. 

Esin also coordinates the London Centre for Languages and Cultures (LCLC). This is a collaborative project between Pembroke, the Open University, and various partner universities such as King’s College London.
It seeks to boost state school participation in languages degrees at university.

Esin is an alumnus of Mansfield College, University of Oxford, graduating in Modern History in 2020.

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