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Ancient Tiles

Heritage 360’ is a new initiative for 2024, and is open exclusively to students living in the North East region.


The programme, headed up by Professor Giles Gasper of Durham University, is an initiative based on connecting collaborative practice between natural and cultural heritage in the region. Heritage-360 will draw together a wide range of university departments, disciplines, and themes, from biosciences to visual arts. Its interdisciplinary approach will focus on heritage and its diverse meanings, whether they be tangible, intangible, or narrative based.


 In particular, Heritage-360 focuses on the need to place natural and cultural heritage alongside one another. As such, seminar discussions will foreground issues of climate change and human response, well-being, management of resources, and sustainability goals.


The Heritage-360 online seminar series runs from February to March; these sessions are planned and delivered by excellent academics at Durham University. This year's seminar titles include:

1. Adrian Green (Department of History): ‘Buildings and History in North-East England’

2. Rebecca Senior (Department of Biosciences): ‘Wilderness, wilding and rewilding’

3. Coreen McGuire (Department of History/Institute of Medical Humanities): ‘Health and Heritage’

4. Jonathan Long (Department of Modern Languages and Cultures): ‘Photography and Heritage: Photographing the Past in the Present’

5. Dr Kristen Hopper and Dr William Deadman (Department of Archaeology): ‘Heritage Protection in the Middle East and North Africa: Conflict, Climate Change and Capacity Building’

6. Simona Capisani (Department of Philosophy): ‘Climate Change and its Social Justice’

Photographed below is Professor Giles Gasper, addressing the cohort at the 2024 Study Skills Day, which took place at Southmoor Academy.

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