The OxNet Languages programme is designed to introduce participants to perspectives on languages and cultures that go beyond the school curriculum. This is centred around the question, 'What Does it Mean to Be European?'. In order to reflect the interdisciplinary nature of a Languages degree, the programme will engage students with a range of perspectives, including philosophy, literature and history, in approaching this question and its related issues.


To apply for the Languages course, there are two steps. Both of these are compulsory.

1) Fill in this application form

2) Answer one of the following three questions. You must write a two-page essay using size 12 font. All responses must be submitted in English.

You must submit your completed essay to before 9am on 9th November.

Late submissions will not be considered.

Below are three short film clips in French, Spanish and German.

Please watch the video clip relating to the language(s) you are studying. You then need to write a two-page essay in size 12 font (in English) in response to one of the following questions:

  1. What does this clip tell you about power?

  2. What does this clip tell you about social justice?

  3. What does this clip tell you about masculinity and femininity?


FRENCH – La Noire de…

SPANISH – La ciudad y los perros

GERMAN – Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei


Below are examples of some of the concepts that OxNet participants discussed as part of their Languages seminars this year.