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OxNet Hubs

Our Work

OxNet has a national network of seven Hub schools. These Hubs work with Link schools in their respective areas of the UK. Each Hub employs a part-time or full-time OxNet Coordinator, who is responsible for overseeing OxNet activities in their region. This direct relationship enables OxNet to sit at the heart of local communities, championing local interests and needs.

Cheshire College Logo.jfif

Cheshire College South and West

Hub Coordinator: Mrs Fiona Massey

Contact information:

Located in Crewe, Cheshire College South & West is one of OxNet's Science Hubs. The college also works closely with the North West Science Network (run by Corpus Christi College, University of Oxford).

Ashton Sixth Form College

Hub Coordinator: Miss Alex Noble

Contact information:

Located in Ashton-under-Lyne, Ashton Sixth Form College are the regional subject centre for 'The Goldsmiths Sutherland Centre for Philosophy and World Religions'.

Blackburn College Logo 2.png

Blackburn College

Hub Coordinator: Mr David Jones

Contact information:

Located in Blackburn, Blackburn College is one of OxNet's Science Hubs.

Priestley College

Hub Coordinator: Miss Connie Bostock

Contact information:

Located in Warrington, Priestley College is the regional subject centre for the North West Centre for Languages and Culture.

Westminster Academy

Hub Coordinator: Mr Finn O'Rourke

Contact information:

Located in London, Westminster Academy is OxNet's primary Hub for London and is the regional subject centre for the London Centre for Languages and Culture.

Southmoor Academy

Hub Coordinator: Miss Claire Ungley

Contact information:

Located in Sunderland, Southmoor Academy is OxNet's primary Hub for the North East of England.

Southmoor Academy Logo.png

Xaverian College

Hub Coordinator: Ms Hayley Flanagan

Contact information:

Located in Manchester, Xaverian College is OxNet's newest Hub, having officially joined in November 2022.

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