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Ab initio workshop series - Russian!

Privet! Over the session on Tuesday, I learned an hour's worth of Russian during the LCLC ab initio workshop. The workshop had a rundown of 24 of the 35 letters within the Cyrillic alphabet, which while does not seem as much, was a large amount considering that most of the letters were very different from the Latin script used in English. It also inclined a few basic words, such as hello (Privet), yes (da), no (nyet) and my name is (minya zavoot). The workshop as a whole was quite fun and interactive, being very engaging - and it had a Kahoot session to finish, so you know it was good. Overall, I enjoyed my time and found Russian to be rather interesting, and it was certainly quite cool learning to read letters that were so wildly different yet similar to English.

- Mondir Mokeddes, year 12 student, Westminster Academy

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